Living and Dying

K.F.I. Gathering 2012

Krishnamurti Foundation India, Rajghat Fort, Varanasi, India

November 5 - 8, 2012

"Dying is part of living. You cannot love without dying, dying to everything which is not love, dying to all ideals which are the projection of your own demands, dying to all the past, to the experience, so that you know what love means and therefore what living means. So living, loving and dying are the same thing, which consists in living wholly, completely, now. Then there is action which is not contradictory, bringing with it pain and sorrow; there is living, loving and dying in which there is action. That action is order."

J. Krishnamurti, Flight of the Eagle

Krishnamurti Foundation India is happy to announce the programme of its Annual Public Gathering at the Rajghat Education Centre, Varanasi from 5th to 8th of November 2012. We cordially invite you to participate in it. It is the intention of this Gathering to create an ambiance that would enable the participants to enter into a spirit of serious inquiry. The talks, study, group dialogues, video-screenings of J. Krishnamurti`s talks, will all be intended to unfold and explore deeply the different aspects of our central theme. The programme will be designed in such a way that there will be space to be quiet, to be with nature, to gather the energy necessary to observe, reflect on the theme and share our observations.


J. Krishnamurti (1895-1986) questioned all religious dogmas and authorities and talked about an open and learning mind which is willing to enquire into our day-to-day life. He often said that in order to understand death we must understand the whole of life, and see the beauty and significance of dying inwardly to every thing that we have accumulated. We are going to explore together such fundamental questions in this gathering: What does living with death mean? What is the art of living and dying? Is it possible to understand death while living? Can we live without a single conflict and fear of death? What is love, beauty and meditation?


The lush green, serene campus of the Rajghat Education Centre, situated at the confluence of the rivers Ganga and Varuna in Varanasi (U.P.) is the venue for the programme. Participants will be accommodated in modestly furnished rooms and dormitories of the Rajghat Besant School. The setting would be simple and austere, in keeping with the spirit of the event.

For more details about the place and its location please see our

Arrival and Departure

The Gathering will commence at 10:00 am on 5th of November, 2012. and conclude on 8th of November at 1:00 pm. Participants are expected to arrive by the evening of 4th Nov. and depart on 8th Nov. by afternoon or evening. Those wishing to stay longer before or after the gathering, on extra payment, may contact us in advance and get confirmation.

Accommodation and Charges

As accommodation is limited, registration will be done on first-come, first-served basis. The total Gathering Fee (which includes the registration fee) per person for those working in India would be as follows:

Rs. 3000/- for Dormitory Type accommodation; Rs. 4000/- for a room with double occupancy and Rs 5000/- for a room with single occupancy (subject to availability).

For those working abroad the fee would be as follows:

$125 (or equivalent in Rupees) per person for a room with double occupancy and $150 for a room with single occupancy. No advance payment is needed for registration.

The gathering fee covers lodging, boarding, and study facilities for the entire period of the Gathering. The amount should be paid on arrival at the Reception counter. Students and a few deserving participants may avail concessions on prior request, if they are unable to afford the full amount.

For reservations participants from India should send a non-refundable registration fee of Rs. 500 per person by D.D./Multi City Cheque/M.O. drawn in favour of 'KFI STUDY CENTRE', payable on any bank in Varanasi. This amount would be adjusted against the total gathering fee on arrival. The payment can also be done through direct deposit/transfer into our Axis Bank Account. The Account Name is : KFI STUDY CENTRE, and the Savings account number is : 287010100094027. Please intimate to us by email /post after you have transferred the amount.


The weather in Varanasi is cool and pleasant in November. The temperature ranges between 20-30 degrees. Please bring light woollen clothing. Bedding will be provided.


Varanasi is situated about 700 kms southeast of New Delhi, about half-way between Delhi and Kolkata. Rajghat is accessible from Cantt Railway Station/Varanasi Junction which is 8 km away (auto charges about Rs. 100/-) or Mughal Sarai Station which is 11 km away (auto charges about Rs. 125) and from the Babatpur Airport which is 30 km (taxi charges about Rs. 700 at the pre-paid booth). Please ask the taxi or auto-rickshaw driver to take you to "Vasanta College, Rajghat", which is part of Krishnamurti Foundation campus.

For registration please contact:

The Krishnamurti Centre

Krishnamurti Foundation India, Rajghat Fort, Varanasi 221 001

Email: Phone: 0542-2441289

Mukesh Gupta